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Pest Control In Goodyear, AZ

Living in Goodyear, 6 and 8 legged visitors is an inevitable experience.  Living in a newer city located on the outskirts of town, this problem is only amplified.  As peaceful as it is living away from the city, we’re surrounded by farms, new construction and of course the desert; all a recipe for visits by unwanted pests.  For these reasons, we understand the importance of a pest control service.  Along with regular pest control, there are steps you can take to decrease the number of bugs on your property:

  • Keep landscape well maintained and keep the base of shrubs and trees clean of leaves and other organic matter

  • Do not leave trash piled in the yard

  • Put sheds and storage bins on a platform.  The moisture under these can provide shelter for hundreds of bugs

  • Ensure all doors leading in to your home seal properly

  • Have a pest control company routinely spray your home

This brief guide can make a huge impact on the pest population of your home in Goodyear.  At 303 Pest Control, we offer a variety of services allowing you to choose an option that suits your needs and budget best. All of our regular pest control services are warrantied so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

Scorpion Control In Goodyear, AZ

If you live in Goodyear, you're likely very familiar with scorpions.  Perhaps you've flipped the hall light on one night and found this hideous miniature monster sitting on your tile, or worse, actually been a victim of its incredibly painful sting.  Although scorpions can be found all over Phoenix, the scorpion population in Goodyear is much higher than the inner city.  This is attributed to the fact that prior to residential neighborhoods being built, a lot of Goodyear was once farm land.  Additionally, there is constantly new construction and were simply much closer to the desert.  Although Goodyear has a higher rate of scorpions, there are measures you can take to help reduce the population

  • Keep landscape well maintained, don't let plants or trees touch the house

  • Keep firewood off the ground, preferably on a metal rack

  • Ensure all door seal are properly sealed.  If you can fit a credit card under you door, a scorpion can fit too

  • Check your yard for moisture, or pooling of water

  • Don't keep piles of trash, yard debris, boxes etc on your property

  • Have a pest control company routinely spray your house

A scorpions ideal temperature is 75-87 degrees Fahrenheit, and you likely keep your home somewhere between there year round.  Scorpions have bad eye sight and relies on other senses to get around it.  A scorpion will follow the perimeter of a home until it feels the cool (or warm) air blowing out of a crack under a door, and then it runs right in.  Due to our relatively warm year round temperatures, this makes scorpions more of a year round pest issue.  When it's too hot outside, they want in; when it's too cold outside, they want in.  If you're looking for scorpion control in Goodyear, give us a call at (623) 980-1870We will come out, inspect your property and give detailed summary of what you can do, in conjunction with a regular pest control service, to keep your home scorpion free.

Termite Control In Goodyear, AZ

When the monsoons hit Goodyear, the termites begin to swarm by the thousands.  There's a good chance you've seen them, perhaps you assumed they were flying black ants.  While this is a very easy mistake to make without proper training, chances are they were termite swarmers looking to make a new home.  While a large percentage of these swarmers will be eaten or die off, a large percent will successfully establish a new termite colonies all across Goodyear, AZ.  Below is a list of measures you can take to help deter termites from your property:

  • Eliminate any condition that would produce moisture on your property (leaky plumbing, above ground pools, pool backwashing etc)

  • Do not plant anything directly against the house (planters especially)

  • Make sure there is no wood attached to your home is in contact with soil.  Examples of this would be porch posts that directly contact soil, wooden fences that touch the exterior of the home, etc.

  • Remove wood chips, stumps, railroad ties, and other wood sources that termites can feed upon

While these steps will not guarantee termites from infesting your home, they will certainly help deter termites.  At 303 Pest Control we offer many forms of termite control in Goodyear, from preventative treatments and warranties, to treatments for established colonies.  Give us a call for a free estimate and a technician will come out to inspect your property and discuss your options with you.

Bee Removal In Goodyear, AZ

If you live in Goodyear, then you've likely driven by farm land and seen old dirty boxes, haphazardly stacked up on the side of the road.  These are bee boxes that farmers rent to help pollinate their crop and optimize their yield.  It's not uncommon for the hives that inhabit these boxes to either grow too large, causing half the hive to split off, or leave the box entirely.  In the open desert these bees may take over an old hollowed out tree, a small cave or an old burrow of some sort.  When bees are surrounded by thousands of residential homes, they usually end up being the target for a new home to the swarming bees.  There are a couple things a homeowner can do to prevent bees:

  • Eliminate water sources like standing water and leaky plumbing

  • Seal every crack and hole leading to interior walls of the home

These tips will not guarantee a bee hive from claiming your property as its own.  Below is a list of common places bees will commonly inhabit, however it is very situational:

  • Inside walls via the stem wall/foundation

  • Inside walls via the plumbing near the hose spigot

  • Inside attics via holes in the bird block mesh in the eaves

  • Water valve boxes

  • In block walls or fixtures such as bird feeders

If you see bee's going in and out of any of these locations, it is almost guaranteed there is a hive of thousands of bees inside.  It is imperative you do not attempt to treat them yourself, and do not seal up the entrance they are using.  Closing up their entrance/exit hole will confuse and anger the hive, and they will follow any light source as an exit.  This light source usually ends up being the interior of your home, and within hours there will be thousands of bees inside your house.  If you need professional bee removal in Goodyear, give 303 Pest Control a call and we will give you a free estimate.  We will schedule a technician to treat your hive, provide you details on the treatment and note any additional measures that may need to be taken, as well as what to expect.  And of course, our bee removal service is warrantied, guaranteeing you will have complete elimination.

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